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Homo sapiens (human) small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 14A (SNORD14A) secondary structure diagram

Homo sapiens (human) small nucleolar RNA, C/D box 14A (SNORD14A) URS0000080E9E_9606

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SNORD14A: SNORD14A is a small nucleolar RNA (snoRNA) that has been suggested as an early marker for the detection of pre-eclampsia (PE) [PMC9141867]. It is one of the seven genes, along with CLDN7, PAPPA2, PLEKHH1, MAGEA10, TLE6, and FABP1, that were consistently identified as signatures separating PE cases and controls [PMC8770117]. While the function of SNORD14A in pre-eclampsia is not well understood, it has been associated with PE through bioinformatic analyses [PMC8770117]. SNORD14A was also found to be downregulated in the S-group compared to the A- and N-group in a study investigating gene expression patterns in different groups [PMC9608318]. Additionally, SNORD14A was identified as one of the six snoRNAs that were screened out as tumor immune infiltration-specific snoRNAs (TIISRs) [PMC8649667]. In another study, SNORD14A was found to have high expression in the low-risk group and low expression in the high-risk group for a specific condition [PMC8649667]. Finally, SNORD14A was included as one of nine snoRNAs selected as TIISRs based on their expression patterns among immune cells and lung adenocarcinoma cell lines [PMC8649667].

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