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Bombyx mori (domestic silkworm) bmo-miR-31-3p URS000004A408_7091

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bmo-mir-31: bmo-mir-31 is a conserved miRNA that is highly abundant [PMC3699532]. It is expressed in larva and pupa but not detected in moth [PMC2435238]. It shows a similar expression pattern to bmo-miR-71 and bmo-miR-77, with higher expression at the non-larval stage (NLS) and at the molting larval stage (MLS) [PMC2500172]. The higher expression of bmo-mir-31 at MLS suggests its involvement in controlling epithelial metabolism during molting [PMC2500172]. The homolog of bmo-mir-31, dme-miR-31a, is expressed in a pair-rule pattern of 14 stripes and in specific regions of the foregut, anterior endoderm, and hindgut [PMC2500172]. Several miRNAs, including bmo-mir-31, have nucleotide differences compared to their predicted sequences or homologs in closely related species [PMC2500172].

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  1. Manduca sexta mse-miR-31