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Callorhinchus milii tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1) secondary structure diagram

Callorhinchus milii tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1) URS0000023412_7868

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    This sequence is found in 98 other species

    1. Ailuropoda melanoleuca tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-2-1)
    2. Albula glossodonta (roundjaw bonefish) tRNA-OTHER
    3. Albula goreensis tRNA-Thr
    4. Alligator mississippiensis tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    5. Alosa alosa tRNA-Thr
    6. Amazona aestiva tRNA
    7. Ameiurus melas (black bullhead) tRNA-Thr
    8. Anas platyrhynchos tRNA
    9. Anguilla anguilla (European eel) tRNA-Thr
    10. Anolis carolinensis tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    11. Apaloderma vittatum tRNA
    12. Astyanax mexicanus (Mexican tetra) tRNA
    13. Balaenoptera acutorostrata scammoni tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    14. Bos taurus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-3-1)
    15. Callipepla squamata (scaled quail) tRNA
    16. Callithrix jacchus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    17. Calypte anna tRNA
    18. Camelus ferus (Wild Bactrian camel) tRNA
    19. Canis lupus familiaris tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-2-1)
    20. Carlito syrichta tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    21. Ceratotherium simum simum tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-2-1)
    22. Chaetura pelagica (chimney swift) tRNA
    23. Charadrius vociferus tRNA
    24. Chelonia mydas (green seaturtle) tRNA
    25. Chelydra serpentina (Common snapping turtle) tRNA-Thr
    26. Chlorocebus sabaeus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-2-1)
    27. Choloepus hoffmanni tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    28. Chrysemys picta bellii tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    29. Colinus virginianus (northern bobwhite) tRNA
    30. Colius striatus (speckled mousebird) tRNA
    31. Columba livia tRNA
    32. Cuculus canorus (common cuckoo) tRNA
    33. Danionella translucida tRNA-Thr
    34. Danio rerio tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-8 1 to 6)
    35. Dasypus novemcinctus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-2-1)
    36. Equus caballus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-2-1)
    37. Felis catus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-3-1)
    38. Ficedula albicollis tRNA
    39. Gallus gallus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    40. Gasterosteus aculeatus tRNA
    41. Geospiza fortis tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    42. Hippoglossus stenolepis tRNA-Thr
    43. Homo sapiens tRNA-Thr (anticodon TGT) 2-1 (TRT-TGT2-1)
    44. Lamprotornis superbus tRNA-OTHER
    45. Larimichthys crocea tRNA
    46. Latimeria chalumnae tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    47. Lepisosteus oculatus tRNA
    48. Lonchura striata domestica (Bengalese finch) tRNA
    49. Macaca mulatta tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    50. Manacus vitellinus (golden-collared manakin) tRNA
    51. Megalops atlanticus tRNA-Thr
    52. Meleagris gallopavo tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    53. Melopsittacus undulatus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    54. Mesitornis unicolor tRNA
    55. Monodelphis domestica tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    56. Mustela putorius furo tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    57. Myotis brandtii tRNA
    58. Myotis davidii tRNA
    59. Myotis lucifugus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    60. Nipponia nippon tRNA
    61. Notamacropus eugenii tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    62. Nothobranchius furzeri tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    63. Ochotona princeps tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-2-1)
    64. Oreochromis niloticus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-2-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-2-2)
    65. Ornithorhynchus anatinus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    66. Oryctolagus cuniculus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-3-1)
    67. Oryzias latipes tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    68. Otolemur garnettii tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    69. Ovis aries tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-3-1)
    70. Pangasianodon gigas (Mekong giant catfish) tRNA-Thr
    71. Pangasianodon hypophthalmus tRNA-Thr
    72. Pangasius djambal tRNA-Thr
    73. Pan troglodytes tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    74. Papio anubis tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    75. Patagioenas fasciata monilis tRNA
    76. Pelecanus crispus tRNA
    77. Pelodiscus sinensis tRNA
    78. Perca flavescens (yellow perch) tRNA-Thr
    79. Perca fluviatilis (European perch) tRNA-Thr
    80. Phrynosoma platyrhinos tRNA-OTHER
    81. Dryobates pubescens tRNA
    82. Pleuronectes platessa (European plaice) tRNA-Thr
    83. Poecilia formosa tRNA
    84. Pongo abelii tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-5-1)
    85. Pterocles gutturalis (yellow-throated sandgrouse) tRNA
    86. Pteropus alecto tRNA
    87. Saimiri boliviensis boliviensis tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    88. Sarcophilus harrisii tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    89. Scleropages formosus tRNA
    90. Struthio camelus australis tRNA
    91. Sus scrofa tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-3-1)
    92. Taeniopygia guttata tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1, tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-2)
    93. Takifugu rubripes tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    94. Tetraodon nigroviridis tRNA
    95. Tinamus guttatus tRNA
    96. Tursiops truncatus tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-1-1)
    97. Vicugna pacos tRNA-Thr (TGT) (tRNA-Thr-TGT-3-1)
    98. Xiphophorus maculatus tRNA
    99. Podarcis lilfordi None
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