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Homo sapiens (human) RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 7 (RNVU1-7) secondary structure diagram

Homo sapiens (human) RNA, variant U1 small nuclear 7 (RNVU1-7) URS00000081EA_9606

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RNVU1-7: RNVU1-7 is a member of the RNA U1 family and is involved in the spliceosome machinery, specifically in the minor spliceosome pathway known as U12-dependent splicing [PMC7728277]. In a study comparing gene expression in stimulated cells, RNVU1-7 was found to be upregulated along with other factors involved in RNA metabolism and splicing, such as MAGOH, NOB1, NUP155, PSMD14, SEC13, SNRNP25, SNRPD2, and TRMT6 [PMC7728277]. Additionally, RNVU1-7 was found to be upregulated in the absence of GC0643 and is involved in transcript splicing regulation along with RNVU1-18 and CLK1 [PMC7907328]. The RNA U1 family includes genes that regulate transcription, elongation, and pre-mRNA splicing events [PMC5062749]. These findings suggest that RNVU1-7 plays a role in various aspects of RNA metabolism and splicing regulation.

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