Conserved RNA motif annotations

What are Conserved Motifs?

Conserved RNA motifs or conserved RNA structures (CRS) are structured elements of RNA molecules that are conserved across species. They have been computationally identified in multi-species vertebrate alignments from structure-based, rather than sequence-based, alignments in the following study:

The identification and functional annotation of RNA structures conserved in vertebrates.

- Seemann et al., Genome Research 2017.

DOI: 10.1101/gr.208652.116

RNAcentral collected non-overlapping CRS motifs that were additionally filtered for Rfam overlap. RNAcentral displays them as features in the feature viewer on sequence report pages and provides links to the RTH Database where additional information can be found, including multiple sequence alignments, secondary structure, and tissue expression.

Example CRS

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