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Rna Publications

API endpoint that allows the citations associated with each Unique RNA Sequence to be viewed.

API documentation

GET /api/v1/rna/URS0002109BA4/publications
HTTP 200 OK Content-Type: text/html; charset=utf-8 Vary: Accept Allow: GET, HEAD, OPTIONS
{ "count": 2, "next": null, "previous": null, "results": [ { "title": "INSDC submission", "authors": [ "Erazo Hinestroza P.N.", "Marquez Godoy M.A.", "Villegas-Plazas M.", "Junca H.", "Moreno-Herrera C.X." ], "publication": "Submitted (23-MAY-2019) to the INSDC. Grupo de Microdiversidad y Bioprospeccion, Universidad Nacional de Colombia - Medellin, Calle 59A # 63 - 20, Medellin 050034, Colombia", "pubmed_id": "", "doi": "", "pub_id": "1045421", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "Occurrence of magnetotactic bacteria in a tropical estuary near the geomagnetic equator of Colombia, South America", "authors": [ "Erazo Hinestroza P.N.", "Marquez Godoy M.A.", "Villegas-Plazas M.", "Junca H.", "Moreno-Herrera C.X." ], "publication": "Unpublished.", "pubmed_id": "", "doi": "", "pub_id": "1053698", "expert_db": false } ] }