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Rna Publications

API endpoint that allows the citations associated with each Unique RNA Sequence to be viewed.

API documentation

GET /api/v1/rna/URS0000483184/publications
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{ "count": 129, "next": "", "previous": null, "results": [ { "title": "Aflatoxin B1 negatively regulates Wnt/beta-catenin signaling pathway through activating miR-33a", "authors": [ "Fang Y", "Feng Y", "Wu T", "Srinivas S", "Yang W", "Fan J", "Yang C", "Wang S." ], "publication": "PLoS ONE 8 (8):E73004(2013).", "pubmed_id": "24015284", "doi": null, "pub_id": "356399", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "Ageing influences the relationship of circulating miR-33a and miR- 33b levels with insulin resistance and adiposity", "authors": [ "Corona-Meraz FI", "Vzquez-Del Mercado M", "Ortega FJ", "Ruiz-Quezada SL", "Guzmn-Ornelas MO", "Navarro-Hernndez RE." ], "publication": "Diab Vasc Dis Res 16(3):244-253 (2019)", "pubmed_id": "30537863", "doi": "10.1177/1479164118816659", "pub_id": "990339", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "Ago HITS-CLIP expands understanding of Kaposi's sarcoma-associated herpesvirus miRNA function in primary effusion lymphomas", "authors": [ "Haecker I", "Gay LA", "Yang Y", "Hu J", "Morse AM", "McIntyre LM", "Renne R." ], "publication": "PLoS Pathog 8(8):e1002884 (2012)", "pubmed_id": "22927820", "doi": "10.1371/journal.ppat.1002884", "pub_id": "578926", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "A mammalian microRNA expression atlas based on small RNA library sequencing", "authors": [ "Landgraf P", "Rusu M", "Sheridan R", "Sewer A", "Iovino N", "Aravin A", "Pfeffer S", "Rice A", "Kamphorst AO", "Landthaler M", "Lin C", "Socci ND", "Hermida L", "Fulci V", "Chiaretti S", "Foa R", "Schliwka J", "Fuchs U", "Novosel A", "Muller RU", "Schermer B", "Bissels U", "Inman J", "Phan Q", "Chien M", "Weir DB", "Choksi R", "De Vita G", "Frezzetti D", "Trompeter HI", "Hornung V", "Teng G", "Hartmann G", "Palkovits M", "Di Lauro R", "Wernet P", "Macino G", "Rogler CE", "Nagle JW", "Ju J", "Papavasiliou FN", "Benzing T", "Lichter P", "Tam W", "Brownstein MJ", "Bosio A", "Borkhardt A", "Russo JJ", "Sander C", "Zavolan M", "Tuschl T." ], "publication": "Cell 129(7):1401-14 (2007)", "pubmed_id": "17604727", "doi": "10.1016/j.cell.2007.04.040", "pub_id": "844509", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "An extensive network of TET2-targeting MicroRNAs regulates malignant hematopoiesis", "authors": [ "Cheng J", "Guo S", "Chen S", "Mastriano SJ", "Liu C", "D'Alessio AC", "Hysolli E", "Guo Y", "Yao H", "Megyola CM", "Li D", "Liu J", "Pan W", "Roden CA", "Zhou XL", "Heydari K", "Chen J", "Park IH", "Ding Y", "Zhang Y", "Lu J." ], "publication": "Cell Rep 5(2):471-481 (2013)", "pubmed_id": "24120864", "doi": "10.1016/j.celrep.2013.08.050", "pub_id": "579097", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "Annotation of 390 bovine miRNA genes by sequence similarity with other species", "authors": [ "Strozzi F", "Mazza R", "Malinverni R", "Williams JL." ], "publication": "Anim Genet 40(1):125 (2009)", "pubmed_id": "18945293", "doi": "10.1111/j.1365-2052.2008.01780.x", "pub_id": "557943", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "A novel epigenetic mechanism of FXR inhibiting GLP-1 secretion via miR-33 and its downstream targets", "authors": [ "Li P", "Gao X", "Sun X", "Li W", "Yi B", "Zhu L." ], "publication": "Biochem Biophys Res Commun 517(4):629-635 (2019)", "pubmed_id": "31387746", "doi": "10.1016/j.bbrc.2019.07.079", "pub_id": "1069278", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "Anti-miR-33 therapy does not alter the progression of atherosclerosis in low-density lipoprotein receptor-deficient mice", "authors": [ "Marquart TJ", "Wu J", "Lusis AJ", "Baldan A." ], "publication": "Arterioscler. Thromb. Vasc. Biol. 33 (3):455-458(2013).", "pubmed_id": "23288159", "doi": null, "pub_id": "357390", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "A quantitative analysis of CLIP methods for identifying binding sites of RNA-binding proteins", "authors": [ "Kishore S", "Jaskiewicz L", "Burger L", "Hausser J", "Khorshid M", "Zavolan M." ], "publication": "Nat Methods 8(7):559-564 (2011)", "pubmed_id": "21572407", "doi": "10.1038/nmeth.1608", "pub_id": "579558", "expert_db": false }, { "title": "A regulatory role for microRNA 33* in controlling lipid metabolism gene expression", "authors": [ "Goedeke L", "Vales-Lara FM", "Fenstermaker M", "Cirera-Salinas D", "Chamorro-Jorganes A", "Ramrez CM", "Mattison JA", "de Cabo R", "Surez Y", "Fernndez-Hernando C." ], "publication": "Mol Cell Biol 33(11):2339-2352 (2013)", "pubmed_id": "23547260", "doi": "10.1128/MCB.01714-12", "pub_id": "578928", "expert_db": false } ] }