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Exact matching

Use double quotes ("") to search for exact matches.

Example: "hsa-mir-21" will find only hsa-mir-21 and not hsa-mir-212


A wildcard character (*) can match any number of characters. Wildcards are added automatically to all search terms that are not enclosed in double quotes.

Example: a search for HOTAIR (no double quotes) will find both HOTAIR and HOTAIRM1 genes and a search for "HOTAIR" (with double quotes) will find only HOTAIR.

Field-specific search

Search can be restricted to specific fields using the field_name:"field value" syntax. Please note that "field value" must be enclosed in double quotes.

  • expert database

    Possible values: "ena", "gtrnadb", "lncrnadb", "mirbase", "refseq", "rfam", "srpdb", "tmRNA Website", "vega", "pdbe", "snopy" and other imported database names.

    Examples: expert_db:"tmrna website", expert_db:"mirbase"

  • NCBI taxonomic identifier

    Example: taxonomy:"9606" where 9606 is the NCBI taxonomy id for Homo sapiens.

  • scientific species name

    Example: species:"Mus musculus"

  • common species name

    Example: common_name:"mouse"

  • RNA type

    To see the list of possible values, search for RNA and look at the "RNA types" facet.

    Example: rna_type:"pirna".

  • gene

    Example: gene:"hotair"

  • organelle

    Example: organelle:"mitochondrion", organelle:"plastid"

  • description

    Example: description:"16S"

  • length (supports range queries)

    Example: length:"1500", length:[9000 to 10000]

  • publication title

    Example: pub_title:"Danish population"

  • author

    Example: author:"Girard A."

  • PubMed id

    Example: pubmed:"17881443"

  • Digital Object Identifier

    Example: doi:"10.1093/nar/19.22.6328"

  • MD5

    Use MD5 hash value of the uppercase DNA version of the sequence to lookup the associated RNAcentral id.

    Example: md5:"020711a90d35bb197e29e085595dd52e"

Logic operators

  • and (default)

    Multiple search terms separated by white spaces are combined using AND, so a query like Homo sapiens is treated as Homo AND sapiens and only entries having both terms will be found.

  • or (to indicate equivalence)

    *Example: rna_type:"pirna" or rna_type:"mirna"

  • not (to indicate exclusion)

    *Example: expert_db:"lncrnadb" not expert_db:"rfam".


Use parentheses to group and nest logical terms.

Example: (expert_db:"mirbase" OR expert_db:"lncrnadb") NOT expert_db:"rfam"

Search tips

  • Make sure your spelling is correct.

    Example: misspelled terms like Esherichia (missing "c") won't find any results.

  • Use full species names.

    Example: use Escherichia coli and not E. coli as your search terms.

About RNAcentral search

RNAcentral is powered by the EBI search, which provides a publicly available REST interface for querying the data.

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  • Make sure your spelling is correct

    Example: misspelled terms like Esherichia (missing "c") won't find any results

  • Use full species names

    Example: use Escherichia coli and not E. coli as your search terms

  • Make sure to include double quotes in field-specific search using the field:"field value" format

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