RNAcentral Expert Databases

Currently the RNAcentral Consortium is formed by 40 Expert Databases, 23 of which have already been imported into RNAcentral. If you maintain an ncRNA database and would like to join RNAcentral, please contact us.

Database Imported Description
5SrRNAdb is an information resource for 5S ribosomal RNAs
CRW Site comparative sequence and structure information for ribosomal, intron, and other RNAs
dictyBase is the model organism database for the social amoeba Dictyostelium discoideum
ENA provides a comprehensive record of the world's nucleotide sequencing information
FlyBase a database of Dropsophila genes and genomes
Greengenes is a full-length 16S rRNA gene database that provides a curated taxonomy based on de novo tree inference
GtRNAdb contains tRNA gene predictions on complete or nearly complete genomes
HGNC is the worldwide authority that assigns standardised nomenclature to human genes
LncBase experimentally verified and computationally predicted microRNA targets on long non-coding RNAs
LNCipedia is a comprehensive compendium of human long non-coding RNAs
lncRNAdb is a database providing comprehensive annotations of eukaryotic long non-coding RNAs (lncRNAs)
LncRNAWiki is a wiki-based, publicly editable platform for community curation of human long non-coding RNAs
MGI is the international database resource for the laboratory mouse
miRBase is a database of published miRNA sequences and annotations that provides a centralised system for assigning names to miRNA genes
miRTarBase is an experimentally validated microRNA-target interactions database
Modomics is a comprehensive database of RNA modifications
NONCODE is an integrated knowledge database dedicated to non-coding RNAs (excluding tRNAs and rRNAs)
NPInter experimentally determined functional interactions between ncRNAs and proteins, mRNAs or genomic DNA
PDBe is the European repository of information about the 3D structures of large biological molecules. PDBe is a member of the Worldwide Protein Data Bank
piRBase a web resource assisting piRNA functional study
PLncDB provides comprehensive genomic view of Arabidopsis lncRNAs
PomBase is a comprehensive database for the fission yeast Schizosaccharomyces pombe
RDP provides quality-controlled, aligned and annotated rRNA sequences and a suite of analysis tools
RefSeq is a comprehensive, integrated, non-redundant, well-annotated set of reference sequences
Rfam is a collection of non-coding RNA families represented by manually curated sequence alignments, consensus secondary structures, and predicted homologues
RGD a collaborative effort between leading research institutions involved in rat genetic and genomic research
RNApathwaysDB RNA maturation and decay pathways
SGD provides comprehensive integrated biological information for the budding yeast
SILVA is a comprehensive resource for quality checked and aligned ribosomal RNA sequence data
snOPY provides comprehensive information about snoRNAs, snoRNA gene loci, and target RNAs as well as information about snoRNA orthologues
snoRNA Database predicted snoRNA genes
sRNAmap a collection of sRNA sequences and interactions
SRPDB provides aligned, annotated and phylogenetically ordered sequences related to structure and function of SRP
TAIR is a database of genetic and molecular biology data for the model higher plant Arabidopsis thaliana
TarBase a collection of manually curated experimentally validated miRNA-gene interactions
tmRDB aligned, annotated and phylogenetically ordered sequences related to structure and function of tmRNA
tmRNA Website contains predicted tmRNA sequences from RefSeq prokaryotic genomes, plasmids and phages
tRNAdb compilation of tRNA sequences and tRNA genes
Vega is a repository for high-quality gene models produced by the manual annotation of vertebrate genomes. Human and mouse data from Vega are merged into GENCODE
WormBase curates, stores and displays genomic and genetic data about nematodes with primary emphasis on C. elegans and related nematodes

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