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Vega (Vertebrate Genome Annotation) is a repository for high-quality gene models produced by the manual annotation of vertebrate genomes. Human and mouse data from Vega are merged into GENCODE.


  • 31,231 distinct sequences from 2 organisms contributed to RNAcentral
  • the shortest sequence has 68 nucleotides, the longest 65,535
  • the average length is 1,005 nucleotides
  • database version: release 65

Example entries

URS00000B15DA, URS00000A54A6, URS0000301B08

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The GENCODE v7 catalog of human long noncoding RNAs: analysis of their gene structure, evolution, and expression..
Derrien T., Johnson R., Bussotti G., Tanzer A., Djebali S., Tilgner H., Guernec G., Martin D., Merkel A., Knowles DG. et al. Genome Res. 22(9): 1775-1789 (2012 Sep)
GENCODE: the reference human genome annotation for The ENCODE Project.
Harrow J., Frankish A., Gonzalez JM., Tapanari E., Diekhans M., Kokocinski F., Aken BL., Barrell D., Zadissa A., Searle S. et al. Genome Res. 22(9): 1760-1774 (2012 Sep)

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