Downloading individual RNAcentral entries

Individual entries can be downloaded in several formats by clicking on the Download dropdown available on each Unique RNAcentral Sequence page (for example, URS000063A371).

FTP Archive

To retrieve large amounts of data or to download archived data snapshots, it is recommended to use the RNAcentral FTP Archive located at (no authentication required).

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To access the latest data or to integrate third-party software with RNAcentral, please refer to the REST API documentation. The RNAcentral API is web browsable which means that you can explore the API without leaving the browser.

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ENA Non-coding Product

The Non-coding product is the main feed source of sequence data for RNAcentral. It contains nucleotide sequences of non-coding features annotated in the EMBL nucleotide sequence database. The data are distributed in a flat-file format, similar to that of the EMBL database, but with each entry representing a single feature and with the sequence of only that entry.

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