About RNAcentral

RNAcentral is a public resource that offers integrated access to a comprehensive and up-to-date set of non-coding RNA sequences provided by a collaborating group of Expert Databases. The development of RNAcentral is coordinated by European Bioinformatics Institute and is funded by BBSRC.

Data integration

RNAcentral imports ncRNA sequences from multiple databases and enables integrated text search, sequence similarity search, and programmatic data access.

Stable identifiers

RNAcentral assigns unique identifiers to every distinct sequence and supports species-specific identifiers for referring to sequences in specific organisms. More →

Genomic mapping

Where possible, we map sequences to reference genomes from select species. You can use a genome browser to browse all mapped sequences or view individual sequences in their genomic context.

For example, of human TSIX lncRNA.

Additional annotations

Currently we import modified nucleotides from Modomics and PDB (for example, this E.coli tRNA is annotated by both databases).

We aim to include intermolecular interactions and high-quality secondary structures soon.

Database growth

Hover over the chart to see the number of sequences in each release


Want to learn more?

Explore all RNAcentral training materials, including an online training course and a video walkthrough of the website.

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